I’m back and doing VEDA!

I’ve been gone from blogging for several months now, but I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. It’s been an interesting couple of months working towards my recovery from my back surgery. But that’s another post for another day.

I came on here today to let you know that I’m participating in VEDA. Each April and August lots of youtubers challenge themselves to vlog everyday. Last August, I did VEDA and had lots of fun getting to know new people and finding new channels to subscribe to. It’s not too late to start. If you’ve ever wanted to vlog this is a great time to get started. It’s a no pressure environment and people are super supportive.

The way I’ve chosen to participate in VEDA is by joining two challenges that give you prompts to answer for each day. I’ve joined SSSVEDA and B2CVEDA. I participated in SSSVEDA last August and B2CVEDA is new for me this August.

You don’t have to do the prompts that they have offered every day, but it helps when you don’t have any idea about what to talk about on your channel.

Last year, I didn’t really like one of the prompts so I decided to make a tutorial because people were asking how I made my thumbnails for my videos. It’s now my most watched video on my channel.

I’ve included the playlist below for my VEDA videos below if you’re interested in what they are like. I like to keep my short because the questions aren’t too hard and don’t need long-winded answers.

I’m going to be starting a beauty channel in the next few weeks and I’m really excited about it. I will let you all know when that is up and running.

If you have any questions about VEDA or would like some tips from someone that did it last year I’d love to answer any questions you have.

Thoughts on Blogging….


my march 2015 thoughts on bloggingSo I’ve decided to slow blog. It’s interesting what happens when you decide to slow down on something and somehow it becomes all you can think about. I log in to my blog backend often, but not really sure what to do. I certainly don’t have an editorial calendar right now. I’m just typing whatever comes to mind, whenever I want to. My sister-in-law has a blog and she just blogs whenever she wants to. 10 times this month, four the next and so on. She probably wouldn’t call what she does slow blogging, but just plain ole blogging. That’s the awesome thing about blogging. There really is no “right”  way to blog. There are all these blogs about how to blog the right way, but what if you’re not really blogging for views and you blog just for yourself. What’s so bad about that? Do we all have to keep up with the Joneses? What’s wrong with blogging without an editorial calendar? What’s wrong with blogging when you want and not blogging when you don’t? (I’m sure someone could tell me what’s wrong, but the point is that it doesn’t really matter.)

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, but just that things around here (and by here, I mean the blog) are definitely going to be changing. I’m gonna try and not be afraid to speak my mind and just write about what’s really in my heart. You’re not gonna be seeing a lot of the same things that you used to be on here. I’m definitely not gonna be keeping myself to a schedule. (Even though, I do love a good goal post, those might stay.) Blogging truly is going to be a hobby. I made all these blog goals at the end of the year, and some of them I’ve already met (like my blog redesign). And some I’m gonna give myself some grace and let them slide and not feel at all bad about them (blog sponsorships, I’m looking at you). And some that I’m gonna keep trying to meet, like keeping up with my monthly newsletter. That’s the cool thing about goals. If they don’t fit anymore, you can change them. You change and so should your goals.

I’ve been downsizing in other places in my online life as well, I unfollowed people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I unsubscribed from newsletters and I think I may need to do it again. I’ve also added fun things to my life. I’m currently participating in Made Vibrant’s Better Hand Lettering Course challenge called #meetyourselfmarch. It’s been so fun to practice my hand lettering in this new exploratory way. Every day on Instagram, I’ve been posting a new hand lettering creation.

Getting rid of the old, changing things up and adding new things is all a part of life. It makes life exciting and not mundane. Even if it is something as simple as changing the way you blog and taking up a hobby that you can do while recovering from back surgery.

What have you changed in your life lately? Tell me all about it in the comments.  (I really do wand to hear about it.)

*Currently listening to and addicted to Carousel by Miner.*

Slow Blogging

My announcement about

Have you heard of slow blogging? I hadn’t heard about slow blogging until I read Jenny Purr‘s newsletter on Sunday. (And if you’re into blogging, you have to sign up for her newsletter, it’s great!) Slow blogging is literally the opposite of what every “how to blog 101” post says to do. When you start blogging, lots of blogs say you need to have consistency. Your audience needs to know when you are going to post. So I’ve tried to have lots of consistency, when I’m blogging and not taking a blogger break. In Jenny’s newsletter, she linked to a Decor8 article about slow blogging, which I found fascinating.

Slow blogging is basically, blogging whenever you want or at a slower frequency. I’m not gonna promise any kind of schedule, since I’m still mainly on a blogging break, but there are some things coming up that I really want to blog and share with you. I’m looking forward to this new form of blogging for me. I’m going to try and bring you better content, but definitely less frequently than my normal three times per week.

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Break Time

BreakOn Monday, I mentioned that I was going to make a big announcement today. So I’m not gonna beat around the bush or take up a lot of your time today, but I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately and it’s not exactly where I want it to be and most importantly, it’s not exactly what I want it to be. I’ve branded myself a “lifestyle” blogger, but I feel like I’m not well rounded enough to be a lifestyle blogger and this blog leans more toward just a plain ole personal blog with a mishmash of things thrown together.

I love talking about goals, organizing stuff, makeup, blogging, books, reviews and more, but I want to have more direction and more clarity. So in order to do that I feel like I need to take a break from the blog and start fresh. I’m not exactly sure when I will be coming back to regular blogging.

I will be participating in VEDA*  in April. I am collaborating with a couple of youtube friends and we’re making our own content calendar for VEDA. Once we have that all together I’ll be announcing it here on the blog and in the newsletter. I did VEDA in August and it was a lot of fun. If you’ve wanted to started vlogging or participating in the youtube space. This is a great opportunity to meet other people and practice being in front of the camera. I did a post after VEDA (in August), if you want to know more about VEDA.

I’m not sure how long this break will last, but when I do come back I’ll be sure and announce it in my newsletter first. So if you want to know when I’m back to regular blogging be sure to be on the list. You can sign up in the sidebar.


*Vlog Every Day in April/August

Goals: How I Decide and How I Accomplish Them

Goals: How I Decide and How I Accomplish Them | The Ashley Davis Project

January is the time when most people set New Year’s resolutions and by this time have already fallen off the bandwagon. I’m here to share with you how I decide on my goals for the year and how I “accomplish” them. I put accomplish in quotes because I strive to achieve my goals, but I don’t always make it. I don’t call that failure, it just means I’m closer than I was when I started. Here are my goal setting tips for 2015:

How to Decide on your goals
There are lots of different ways to figure out your goals and one of the ways I like to begin is by doing a brain dump. For me, a brain dump is where you get out a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that is going on in your brain. The good, the bad and the ugly all goes onto this sheet of paper. If you need more than one sheet, use more than one sheet.

Once you’ve gotten everything off of your chest, you move onto the next step.
Ask yourself:
What is most important in your life?
What do you want to accomplish?
What do you fear?
What do you need in your life?
Once these questions have been answered you can start weeding through them and establishing your goals from there. When planning out my goals, I also like to look at the different areas of my life. The inkWELL planner I received this year, has life broken down into these sections: Personal, Social, Financial, Health & Fitness, House Projects and Dream Big. When I was planning my goals this year a lot of them fit into one of these categories. I did not fill out a goal for all of these categories because I didn’t have a goal every category.

Some people like to set 10 goals a year, 5 goals a year or even just one word to focus on for the year. Don’t limit yourself, but do make sure that your goals are measurable. If you can’t measure it, you won’t know if it’s been accomplished or how close you got to reaching your goals.

How to Accomplish Your Goals
Remember January 1st is just a date on the calendar, you can start making goals anytime of year. There is nothing special about January 1st.

Once you’ve written down your goals for the year, there needs to be an action plan. I like to look at my yearly goals at the end of every month and see what I need to do the following month to get closer to accomplishing my goals. Once you have your monthly goals, break them down into weekly goals. What do you need to do that week to accomplish your monthly goals. And you could go even further and break it down daily. What do you need to do daily to accomplish your goals. And remember, you can adjust your goals as you go along. Maybe you notice, you’re not working towards that goal, which may mean that it’s really not as important as you thought it was originally. It’s okay to change your mind. I like to look at my monthly goals at least once a week, to see how I’m doing.

To help me with my goals, I use Lara Casey’s Powersheets. She also has a great series on goal setting as well. She goes into so much detail on goal setting. If you’re really interested in it. She is definitely someone you will want to check out.

How do you decide on your goals? Did you set any New Year’s Resolutions or yearly goals? Are you keeping up with them? Let me know in the comments below.

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