Weekly Wishes #2

Weekly Wishes

I’m absolutely loving do the Weekly Wishes! It’s so fun to join in on this link up from The Nectar Collective and see what everyone else’s weekly wishes are. Thank you everyone who commented last week, it was really encouraging!

Let’s recap last week’s wishes:

1. Make all this week’s dinner at home. So this one was almost  completed. We did order Chinese once this week. All other dinner meals were made at home. So this week is almost a win.

2. Do my arm physical therapy exercises 4 to 5 times. Definitely only did my arm exercises once this week. I did my aqua therapy 4 times this week, but didn’t do my extra arm exercises with the band. Definite fail.

3. Research my secret project. I worked on this and got things rolling in the right direction. Lots more to do until the big reveal.


1. Find an apartment. We are in need of finding an apartment closer to my work. I’ve narrowed it down to two apartments and we just need to make our final decision and pray the price is right. :)

2. Do my arm exercises. I need to really get in the habit of doing these exercises. I really do hate doing them though. Dr. orders

3. Research secret project. This has been really fun doing all the research and finding out what needs to be done. Can’t wait to reveal, but have no idea when that will be.

I hope you are having a great start to your week and that you get all your weekly wishes finished!

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes - The Ashley Davis Project

I haven’t posted in about two weeks because the doctor allowed me to work more hours at work and I have been completely wiped out when I get home from work. So I thought I’d start off the week linking up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. I’ve read Melyssa’s weekly wishes every week for a while and always think, I should like up sometime and now I’m finally doing it.


1. Make all this week’s dinners at home. We need to be better at sticking to our food budget and not throwing out rotten food at the end of the week. I think if I make more of an effort to make all our dinner meals at home. This will help with our budget and less food being thrown out at the end of the week.

2. Do my arm physical therapy exercises 4 to 5 times. I’ve been super lazy about doing these specific exercises. I get in the hot tub almost everyday and do all my other exercises, but the arm ones are done outside of the hot tub and hard for me to squeeze and very difficult to do. I need to get strong arms, so I’ll get better faster.

3. Research my new secret project. I’ve got a new project up my sleeves. I’m super excited about it because I’m doing it with my husband. I’ve got lots to learn and lots to research, so I’ll be reading lots of articles about it this week and probably next week.

Have you ever linked up with the Nectar Collective? What are your goals for this week? Let me know below, I’d love to cheer you on.

Recap: SSSVEDA August 2014

Last Sunday, I finished up 31 days of vlogging on my youtube channel. I participated in Savvy Sexy Social’s Vlog Every Day in August (SSSVEDA). It was definitely a challenge for me and I wanted to share what I have learned from these last 31 days of vlogging.

1. Vlogging every day is hard. At the beginning, I would record, edit, and upload the day the video was due. I was having a hard time doing this, due to failing uploads and an older mac computer that’s very slow. Also, I’m still recovering from back surgery and some days I just didn’t feel up to recording.

2. Record ahead of time. Instead of recording every day, I would record a few videos at a time. This gave me plenty of time to upload and not stress about getting my video up. Also, the last couple of days of SSSVEDA, I was out of town. So I didn’t want to be vlogging on my vacation.

3. Learn ahead of time. I wish I would have done some research and learned iMovie and more about recording on my camera. It was a huge learning curve I had to deal with. I wish I would have taken the time to learn a bit more.

4. Comment on other videos. I would have not gotten much out of this challenge, if I would have not found a community of people to watch and comment with. I am even meeting up with a few of the people I have met through SSSVEDA. It definitely would have been a different challenge if no one had watched or commented on my videos. That’s what helped me to know that commenting on others would also give them encouragement to keep going.

5. Start. I had heard about SSSVEDA, but wasn’t sure if I was going to participate at all. I’m so glad I did, and even if you’re unprepared you just have to start (which kind of contradicts #4). I was terrified about putting myself out there and now I have a youtube channel filled with 31 videos! If I wouldn’t have just started, this would have not happened.

6. Custom Thumbnail and End card. I learned how to make a custom thumbnail and end card using picmonkey.com. I even shared a video about making a custom thumbnail. It was really fun learning how to make those for my videos.

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned from participating in SSSVEDA. Check out the video below to see what I said on the “last” day of SSSVEDA.

Would you ever participate in something like VEDA?

September Goals

September Goals 2014 | The Ashley Davis Project

September Goals

I hope everyone is having a great day off for Labor Day! My husband and I are coming back from a weekend in Palm Springs today, but I wanted to share with you my September goals.

Let’s recap August’s goals first.

August Goals

1. Blog three times a week
I blogged three times a week this month and there were a few times I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. I like to plan out my month for posts, but sometimes when it comes to writing that post, I really don’t feel like it. So a couple of times last month, I switched things around last minute.

2. Exercise every day
I basically exercised every day. I say every day but I really mean six times a week. And that’s what I did.

3. Start drafting for Nester’s 31 day writing challenge
I started to outline what I was gonna write for the 31 day writing challenge, but I couldn’t get excited or inspired about anything. I think I might end up sitting this one out.

(4.) Participate in #SSSVEDA
At the very last minute, this month I decided to participate in #SSSVEDA (Vlog Every Day in August). I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did end up finishing. I’m gonna be writing a recap post later this week. I do have a recap video that went up yesterday about it.

September’s Goals

1. One beauty video per week
I’ve mentioned before how I wasn’t going to be doing Makeup Monday anymore. Instead, I’ve decided to add more video to the blog. My videos are going to revolve around beauty and I’m super excited about this one.

2. Blog three times a week
I want to continue to write three times a week. I feel if I don’t really put it out here on the internet, I might not hold myself accountable.

3. Participate in more link ups
I’m hoping to participate in more link ups this month. A blogger that’s in the Peony Project with me is doing a link up every day this month and I hope to participate in some of those and also some more regularly occurring link ups.

4. Re-evaluate the end of the year for the blog.
Figure out what went wrong last year. I’m officially in my second year of blogging, but I didn’t blog for the entire time of my first year. I’m hoping that won’t happen this second year. I pretty much fell off the wagon last October. I’m hoping to look back and figure out what went wrong and make a plan of action for that not to happen again.

5. Exercise six times a week.
Pretty much the same as last month

Monthly goal posts are some of my favorite posts to write and read. I hope you share your September goals with me in the comments below.

I’m linking up with the Tiny Twig for her monthly Goals with Grace.

*photo: Death to the Stock Photo, words by me

Entertaining Friends: The Extras

Entertaining Friends: The Extras | The Ashley Davis Project

The Extras

This is the last installment of the Entertaining Friends series. Today is all about the extra little things you can do to help your guests and friends feel more at home.

1. Show them where you keep glasses and drinks
This will help them feel more comfortable because they can get up and get a drink themselves, instead of asking you.

2. Let them know your shoe policy
Everyone is different when it comes to shoes in the home. Let them know if you are a shoes on family or shoes off family.

3. Have flowers
When I have friends over, it’s always a great excuse to add a little greenery into your home. I typically pick up a bouquet or two of flowers when I go to Trader Joe’s the day before my friends come over.

4. Or light an unscented candle
If you don’t want to splash out on flowers, have some candles glowing in your home. It’s helpful to have unscented candles so the scent doesn’t contrast with the meal you will be serving.

5. Play a game
I always love having friends over because you can play some sort of game. So you can teach them a new game or play a game you all love to play. We love playing Settlers of Catan.

6. End the night
Help your guests from not overstaying their welcome or staying up too late. As the host, you can end the night politely. You can let your guests know at the beginning of the night, you can’t stay up too late or when it gets late you can say “Thanks so much for coming over. It’s been such a fun time having you over. We should do it again sometime.” They will probably get the hint.

7. Have them help
The kitchen is typically the most popular place when having people over because that’s where all the action is happening. Have your guests help you with the meal, if they ask you if you need help. If you truly don’t need help, let them know that, but most of the time guests like to help.

Those are my 7 extra tips in entertaining friends in your home. If you have any questions about entertaining in your home. Leave them in the comments below and I may do a follow up post.

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