Have you heard of Lara Casey? If you haven’t she is an absolutely, amazing and godly woman. (And I love following her on Instagram. If you aren’t following her there, you need to!) She is mommy to Grace and wife to Ari and founder of Southern Wedding Magazine and co-founder of Making Things Happen. I found her blog one day when I was home from work and bored, so I dove into reading a lot of blog posts and I found her powersheets. I thought the powersheets were such a great idea, that I ordered them that same day.

Powersheets are an amazing little change that you can use every month to help you start and accomplish your goals. They are absolutely amazing. I notice that when I use them, I get more done. It just seems that when I don’t get around to filling them out at the end of the month, for the following month, I always wait. Then I don’t accomplish as much as I want, because I haven’t written them down and I haven’t added action steps to helping me achieve my goals. She has a whole series of goal making posts, that even if you don’t order the powersheets, they will help you in achieving your goals if you put the work in it as well.

If you need a kick-start in getting your goals done, and it’s never too late start! The powersheets are for you! I cannot recommend them more highly. I haven’t started mine for February yet, but I will be working on them this week! I’ve got a lot of goals, I want to accomplish this year! Trying to make 2014 the best year ever!

Do you need help with getting your goals accomplished? 

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Meal Planning

I’m gonna get real with you guys.

I had planned on doing a post about meal planning today, hence the title meal planning. I had found this great resource and love the way she had planned her meals and was just gonna do it my way and share it here today. Well, when it actually came around to doing the plan. I didn’t want to. I kept moving it on my to do list to the next day and then the next day and I think you get my drift. So here I am with meals written out. Since the plan was to write down all my favorite/regular meals onto index cards and all the ingredients, so then when I go to plan the meals for the week, we aren’t always having the same things. Great idea, right? Apparently, too time consuming for me now.

So go check out that great resource above, plus a few below for some meal planning ideas! And share with me in the comments, how you do your meal planning. I would really love to hear about, because we are in a rut!

Other resources:
Shutterbean – HS: Meal Prep for the Upcoming Week
Clara Persis – My Method: Weekly Meal Planning
The Kitchn – 15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning
The Art of Simple – That time-honored, sanity-saving ritual: menu planning

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Monday Links

This one is coming later than normal today. I meant to have my first before/after for the Purge of 2014. Unfortunately, the weekend is did not warrant time for the Purge this week, I’m hoping to have a before/after in a couple of weeks. So today, you get some links, I’ve been loving this past week.

Joy made some Creamy Avocado Hummus. I’ve never made hummus, but she makes it look delicious.

Jessie shared how she gets started.

I want these Clinique Pop blush in Peach Pop and Ginger Pop. They look amazing and Christine says they are great!

This soup from A Beautiful Mess looks amazing. This is the only reason I want it to cool down just in tad in Southern California.

Joanna shares the wisdom of Michael Pollan. He is fantastic.

I want everything from Rifle Paper Co.

I made this salad last week, it was delicious. Another great recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

Did you take the pledge? I did and haven’t missed a day.

Get Healthy – Stretch


As part of getting healthy, mainly getting out of pain, this year I have been adding in a lot of stretching. I mainly do two stretches a minimum of twice a day everyday. I stretch my hamstrings again the wall and I do a booty stretch. When I don’t do these stretches, I notice a big difference in how I feel and my pain level for the day. I like to stretch after I get out of the shower in the morning and before I go to bed. If I remember, I also try to stretch when I get home from work. And if I’m feeling absolutely miserable sometimes, I’ll even stretch at work for a few minutes. I think as I start to feel better, I will add in more stretches, I just don’t want to overdo it and go three steps backwards.

Do you stretch?

No TV Nights


No TV Nights.

Sounds like something from a mommy blogger.

I’ll admit, I read a couple of mommy blogs. Not necessarily aimed at moms, but they are written by moms and mom topics come up. And even though we don’t have any kids, we have no TV nights. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but what I’ve noticed is when we don’t watch TV during the week, our tiny apartment is kept up, we eat better and we have more conversation. Instead of eating dinner in front of the TV during the week, we sit at our tiny dining room table. We chat about our days more and we get more done. It’s great! It also makes watching TV more of a treat. We don’t have cable and the only way we watch TV is through HuluPlus or Netflix. We try and limit our TV time to only Friday through Sunday. Its amazing how I feel because I haven’t wasted away my evening.

Will you try no TV Nights?

Get Healthy – Pain Free in 2014


My biggest goal for my health is to get out of pain. I have had back problems since I was 11 years old. The last two years have been the worst and the last 5 months have been awful. (Not the best way to start your first year of marriage, if you ask me.) The last couple of months I have been really discouraged. The turning of the new year has given me time to think and realize that I need to get my act into gear and I need to figure out some sort of system to get out of pain.

Over the next year, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been doing to help with my back pain. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for lower/sciatica back pain.

The Purge of 2014


I feel like I have too much stuff! I hold on to too much stuff because I’m sentimental or I think I might need it. This is the year it stops! I want to get rid of all the useless crap and stuff that I haven’t touched in months to make room for things I want in my home and things I enjoy in my home. Whose with me?

Around twice a month, I’ll be sharing with you what we’ve been doing around the apartment. I think we’re going to start outside the apartment with our storage unit. If it’s in there, we probably haven’t touched it since we moved into this apartment or it’s seasonal. Once we make room in there, we will move onto the actual apartment.

I don’t want to get burnt out, so I’m thinking this will be taking us a few months. I’m giving us six months. I wanna have the junk out by June 1st!

Will you join me in the #thepurgeof2014?

Psalm 127: 1-2 | January Verse

The verse I will memorizing for the month of January is Psalm 127:1-2.


This verse has really resonated with me. I need to remember that He is first in my life and I can’t just build my house without Him. He will give me rest, but I need to rest in Him and in His word.

Will you join me in memorizing Psalm 127:1-2 this month?

Happy New Year! + Goals

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely one for goals. I typically have a few new year’s resolutions or goals I want to achieve during the year. I decided this year I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to bring you along on the journey. I wanted to make this blog all about making 2014 the Best Year Ever! (I’ve even got a hashtag – #making2014thebestyearever)

So let me start by wishing you a belated Happy New Year! I’ve been quiet on the blog front since Thanksgiving. It’s been a hard holiday season in our family, so it’s been very busy and leaves little time to blog. That’s changing today! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to start the new year!

So let’s jump into the goals:

1. Get Healthy.
I’ve been dealing with chronic pain issues the last couple of years and I’ve tried lots of different stuff to get out of pain but nothing seems to work, and the last few months I’ve just dealt with the pain and in some ways have given up. That changes now! I’ve been trying to get my mind in the right mode. Every other week, I hope to bring you in on this journey to get healthy and get out of pain. I’ll be going into more detail on what that will look like later this month.

2. The Great Purge of 2014
I want to get rid of the stuff I haven’t touched in months. If I don’t need it, it needs to get out of our apartment. I talked with my hubby and he’s totally on board. About twice a month, I’ll be sharing with you what we’ve been working on. Hopefully with before and after pictures. I’m excited about this one!

3. Get into the Word more.
I go in spurts when it comes to getting into the word. My most favorite way to get into the word is with SheReadsTruth devotions. The problem I run into is when I get behind, some times I catch up and sometimes I don’t. Last year, I was in the Word more than I was the previous year. This year I hope I am in the word more than I was last year. A new SheReadsTruth devotion called Fresh Start starts today. Please join me!

4. Blog more.
The great thing about blogging is you can really measure this one. I can look at all the posts, I did last year and try to do more. I’m even setting up blogging office hours. I’m putting my phone on silent and I’m not being disturbed during those times. I also bought a big wall calendar for my editorial schedule. We’re really getting down to business on this one!

5. Marriage + Finance
I’ll be delving into these more later. But we’ve made some financial and marriage goals this year and I’m really excited!

6. Memorize Scripture
I haven’t actively tried to memorize Scripture since high school, when it was required. This goal is going to be super feasible: one or two verse per month. I’m excited to share with you each and every month what verse I picked. I hope you will join me in memorizing them as well. I’ll be sharing my verses for the month of January on Thursday.

So those are my goals for the year of 2014. I realize that they may change and evolve as the year goes on. And I’m gonna filling our my powersheets soon to reflect all these goals as well. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store! I have a feeling this is gonna be one of the best years ever!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have some wonderful plans with friends and family! I’ll be watching the annual Turkey Bowl our church puts on in the morning with my sister. Grown men playing flag football, it’s pretty fun! And then in the afternoon turkey and all the fixings with my fam! It should be great!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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